Things aren’t just things. Like people, things have their own history, from which their meaning and value derives. The energy of a beautiful handcrafted item is imbued with the spirit of its creator, and its journey from origin to the bigger world gathers and imparts joy and happiness along the way.

Kate, a nascent maker throughout a wonderfully feral childhood, turned to painting in college and pursued fine art afterwards. Losing her muse during a challenging period, and finding her creativity stymied, she spent some time reflecting and healing, wondering when, if ever, she would feel passionate and inspired again.

After randomly stumbling upon a slew of vintage ‘picture buttons,’ Kate saw the potential to breathe new life into these small, seemingly discarded items. Separated physically from the clothing for which they were designed, devoid of purpose, Kate intrinsically understood their significance in a distant era. Picture buttons, in their time, were considered to be miniature objets de art, but now their stories were old, obsolete. Kate knew they had new stories to tell. Transformed to adorn and define in a fresh new way, the buttons lend their status as miniature works of art to Kate’s collection of signet rings.

The collection embodies and reflects an aesthetic of simplicity, of simple sophistication, while retaining a strong sense of ‘statement.’ Each ring’s bas relief motif can be appreciated through a lens of cultural or historical symbolism/value. But Kate sees each piece as an open-ended icon, who’s true meaning is determined personally and individually by the person who wears it.

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